Saturday, 14 May 2011

Map names and... some descriptions

Ok Here goes.

Map 2: Spacestation 13
Map 3: DeadBridge
Map 4: Frostbite.

Here's a description for ruins:

You wake up in a small basement, two windows... Easy peasy. After some time, you open the door and gain another 2 windows... but you get a trench gun! Still easy. THen you get a choice... Upstairs or into a smaller side building? Whatever your choice, you end up outside! You still must fight against the growing amounts of zombies though! After that you pass through a single building... and end up in a massive temple!

Monday, 9 May 2011


Hello again!, Sorry about the delay,, been quite busy. Anyway! I have something to confess... I've been making 3 (Soon to be four) other zombie maps! I can reveal some stuff about them! Ill release info on the new maps everday. Ok something simple for now... I'll release one name per day.

Map 1:  Ruined

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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Texture pack UPGRADE! and the Map is completed.

OK, whilst making the map, I mananged to find the proper texture pack which the makers use! :D I should be posting the images tommorrow or very soon. And the map is complete!

New map?! :D

Hello again, and yes. Some new pics are ready for release! The map is called Base des Untodes, which means base of undeath in german! It is a  Floating Research platform overrun by zombies!
Here are the pics from the starting room