Saturday, 14 May 2011

Map names and... some descriptions

Ok Here goes.

Map 2: Spacestation 13
Map 3: DeadBridge
Map 4: Frostbite.

Here's a description for ruins:

You wake up in a small basement, two windows... Easy peasy. After some time, you open the door and gain another 2 windows... but you get a trench gun! Still easy. THen you get a choice... Upstairs or into a smaller side building? Whatever your choice, you end up outside! You still must fight against the growing amounts of zombies though! After that you pass through a single building... and end up in a massive temple!

Monday, 9 May 2011


Hello again!, Sorry about the delay,, been quite busy. Anyway! I have something to confess... I've been making 3 (Soon to be four) other zombie maps! I can reveal some stuff about them! Ill release info on the new maps everday. Ok something simple for now... I'll release one name per day.

Map 1:  Ruined

Remember to comment down below!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Texture pack UPGRADE! and the Map is completed.

OK, whilst making the map, I mananged to find the proper texture pack which the makers use! :D I should be posting the images tommorrow or very soon. And the map is complete!

New map?! :D

Hello again, and yes. Some new pics are ready for release! The map is called Base des Untodes, which means base of undeath in german! It is a  Floating Research platform overrun by zombies!
Here are the pics from the starting room

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Zombiecraft map?!

Hello people! (If there is any) This is KingofLlama's (or KingLlama. Either one will do) blog if you haven't guessed. I will be posting multiple things here. Right now Im making a zombie craft map! I can't say much right now because I haven't made anything anyway! I'll be posting once or more per week. :D